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How OnPoint Works

Online Finance and Accounting on a Cloud-Based Software Platform

ONPOINT -FAO combines trained, professional staff and project-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to give your small business the big business advantage. This finance and accounting solution leverages a simplified and highly-standardized set of work processes to completely support all basic business functions and transaction processing. All automation and software complexities are handled by our ONPOINT Account Reps so you can focus on what matters most: your business!

Think of ONPOINT-FAO as a powerful engine.  The engine is comprised of people who work on your business every day, robust software, and streamlined, accurate processing.  This powerful engine uses the same sophisticated software that big companies use and is capable of supporting hundreds of small businesses -  plus we provide you with the people to actually run the software.

Your small business virtually taps into a piece of the ONPOINT-FAO engine – you access the functionality of the software, you work with knowledgeable ONPOINT Account Reps who enter your data into the software,  and ONPOINT Account Reps process all of the tasks associated with your back-office workflows.

Two-way, real-time communication takes place between your small business and ONPOINT Account Reps:  All of your data and pieces of information regarding your company’s finances are sent to ONPOINT via scanning or email.  All of this information is processed and then accessible to you in real-time in the form of filed documents, reports, and financial statements in your ONPOINT Business Cloud.

The ONPOINT Business Cloud is your company’s window into the ONPOINT engine. Customers simply “plug-in” to the online portal and safely manage their back-office accounting and financing tasks over the internet. No software resides on your computers, meaning no training down-time, no maintenance hassles, and no lengthy updates. There is no waiting for data to be entered or for reconciliations to be completed because your ONPOINT Account Rep handles these tasks in real-time as you send the information. There is no hunting for documents or historical reports because it’s all at your fingertips through the ONPOINT Business Cloud. You can easily view all transactions occurring within the last 24 hours and access your company’s business activity online anywhere, anytime! Best of all, you maintain complete control of your business at all times.

ONPOINT Interface and Interaction

  • The ONPOINT Business Cloud

    • General daily reporting

    • Everyday communication / collaboration

    • Template interface for transaction setup (e.g. initiate a purchase order)

    • Electronic document retrieval – non-transactional (e.g. subcontract)

    • Approval of transactions

    • Real-time access to financial records and reports

  • Account Rep

    • Responsible for transaction processing at your approval

    • On-going training and routine guidance

    • Support available 24/7 via portal, email, phone

  • On-site

    • Consulting as needed

Contact our online small business accounting solution experts to give your business the attention it needs to thrive.

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