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Converting to the Best Finance and Accounting Outsource Is Fast, Easy and Painless

Unlike typical software installation and implementation, ONPOINT-FAO only requires a simple conversion or transfer of data from a customer’s legacy system into our user-friendly, web-based solution. The conversion is a systematic phased approach, broken down into three phases: Pre-conversion, conversion, and post conversion. A ONPOINT Account Rep will guide your business through the entire conversion process and shoulder the hard work.

Pre-Conversion Phase

Much of the pre-conversion time is spent learning about your company’s historical experiences, compiling historical data, and establishing company setup preferences and login authorities. We assess your existing financial recordkeeping, job costing, reporting and supportive people and processes. Interviews and a review of existing reports serve to provide the bulk of information required.  The goal is to gather a complete understanding of how your business works.

As your business partner, we discuss and quantify how the change to ONPOINT will affect your existing work environment. We’ll go over workflow setup, navigation, and training to ensure you’re comfortable and informed of the process. Data compilation for conversion to ONPOINT-FAO occurs simultaneously. When necessary, ONPOINT can provide customer on-site assistance to expedite the export of various electronic data for the pre-conversion phase. Corrective actions, if any, are discussed in advance.

Typically, active information in the following areas will be imported in detail:

  • Open purchase orders

  • Accounts receivable

  • Accounts payable

  • Retainage details

  • Payroll (two week lead time)

  • Jobs in progress

  • General ledger detail

  • Budget Details


Conversion Phase

The standardized ONPOINT conversion phase typically occurs in as little as a few days or up three to weeks. Customer interfaces are a series of well-defined checklists, templates, and reporting areas that are intuitive and easy to navigate, simplifying training. Conversion is simple, fast, and painless. You get immediate supportive resources to match your needs. It’s the right people, the right technology, and the right financial and accounting processes to operate faster, better, and at a lower cost than your in-house resources – guaranteed!

Post Conversion Phase

During the ONPOINT post conversion phase, information deemed less time-critical, like inactive or closed items, are carried over in sum totals. At this time we also provide custom reporting (if needed), as well as on-going training to ensure your production staff acclimates to the software accordingly.

Contact our online small business accounting specialists to start your ONPOINT conversion process today!

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